Commercial Laundry

Laundry First has been a trusted name in commercial laundry and dry cleaning industry for many years, offering laundering solutions for various types of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, salons, spas and more. Our experienced and highly trained staff will help your business in taking care of your linens, uniforms and other laundering needs, so you can focus all your time on more important matters.

Uniforms and linens are handled with care and professional touch by our staff who are well-knowledgeable of proper washing of different types of materials. They know what formulas, methods and cleaning agents are the most appropriate to use to clean and wash items without compromising the garments’ quality. And while there are countless of service providers that offer the same commercial laundering services, only a few provides excellent work with the convenience of pick-up and delivery service all for an affordable price.

Industries Served


Let us help keep your tablecloths, chair covers, towels and aprons clean. We can even launder your linens for your catering, too.


From beddings to table linens, uniforms to towels, our high-capacity laundry equipment can handle great volumes of laundering needs.

Salons & Spas

Our on-premise washing machines launder items fast and efficient and provide flexible wash cycles to guarantee fast removal of oils and chemicals from all your linens.

Healthcare Facilities

We guarantee to keep everything spotless. With the cleaning agents and solvents we use, we ensure proper and total removal of stains and contaminants.

Sports & Athletics

Uniforms, pads, towels, loops and even helmets—any athletic laundry you may have, we offer a full-line of heavy-duty equipment to keep pace with the unique requirements of athletic facilities.


Our Laundry Service Process

Once we receive your laundry, they will be tagged, checked and separated—each item will be tagged to ensure your items will never get mixed with others’ throughout the process, all pockets will be checked, and all whites will be separated from the colored items.

White clothing items will be washed in hot/warm water with detergent, bleach and fabric softener. After washing, the clothes will be rinsed in cool water.

For dark and delicate items, they will be washed in cold water with detergent, some bleach and softener, and then be rinsed with cool water. All of your items will then be dried in heat dryers on low to medium heat.

After which, garments will be ironed and folded, and properly packaged to be delivered back to you.


Why Hire a Commercial Laundry Service?

Setting up your own in-house laundry can be costly—hiring additional staff and purchasing heavy duty laundry equipment. But with Laundry First, you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of training new staff and doing all the laundry works. You simply sign up with us, and we will come to you to pick up your dirty clothes and linens, have them laundered and return them to your business on a schedule that works for you.

That’s fast, easy and convenient! So, what are you waiting for? Get your free quote now!